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Fiber cement board machine

XJFCB-1200 Fiber cement board making machine

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. Main Technical Parameters:
Making Machine
1.      Board specs: Fiber Cement Board: 2500×1300×(30-80mm)
2.      Work speed: 0-5m/min  can be adjustable
3.  Transport rollers: Colsed bearing, dust-proof; Diameter of water-proof rollers: Φ60×Thickness 3mm, Hard chrome plated.
4.  Roller of transportation belt: No.45# Seamless steel pipe, Diameter: Φ164×10mm, Hard chrome plated.
5.  Roll tube: No.45# Seamless steel pipe, Diameter: Φ215×10mm, Hard chrome plated.
6. Transportation Sprocket wheel: P=25.4 and P=19.05, P-15.88 Tooth surface hardening CHR58 Surface blackening.
7. Size of Transportaton belt: Ring PVC rubber beltΦ80×Thickness 5mm.
8. Configurable Power:
a) Vacuum pump 1.5KW
b) Fast forward mould board reducer: 1.5KW
c) Main drive reducer: 5.5KW
d) Push board reducer: 1.5KW × 2
e) Auto tracking cutting reducer:0.37KW+1.5KW
f) Lifting platform hydraulic station: 1.5KW
g) Total power: 14.87KW
h) Dimensions : 31000×4800×2100mm
Four-sides Trimming and cutting machine
1.      Cutting board Specifications: Thickness 3-100mm
            Vertical: (600×600) mm×8pcs
2. Work speed: 5m/min

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Tel: +86 13955573948

Email: 1161434821

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