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Sandwich panel production line

Inner Wall Decoration PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

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1. Consist of production line  
  The production line is consist of 3tons decoiler, single side adjustable wall sheet roll forming machine, Pre-heating device, Lower pressure PU injection machine, Laminator, auto-tracking cutting machine, finished table.
2. Main Technical Parameters  
1) Apply material: Aluminum coil, PPGL, PPGI
2) Width of panel: 270-520mm, can be adjustable single side
3) Work speed: 3-8m/min
4) Main rollers: 14 stands of main rollers
5) Material of roller: No.45 High quality steel, hard chrome plated, Max diameters of roller: Φ143mm
6) Material of main shaft: No.45 High quality steel modulation processing, diameterΦ60mm
7) Chain and wheel: No.45 steel HF quenching.
8) Main motor power : 4Kw
9) Cutting way: Cutting before forming by manual G12 roller broach
10) Dimension of forming machine: 4800mmX700mmX800mm
11) Weight of forming machine: 3Ton
12) Control system: PLC control
3. Working process
Put the coil material into inner support decoiler—→Guide in sheet—→Cutting before forming—→main roll forming—→PU foam injection—→Laminator—→Auto-tracking cutting—→finished table
4. Installation of panel

Profile drawing:
a. Flatten panel

b. Single wave panel

c. Various waves panel


5. Related photos of production line



QQ: 1161434821

Phone: +86 13955573948

Tel: +86 13955573948

Email: 1161434821

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