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Sandwich panel production line

XJWMPU-600 Garage Door PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

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1The production use
        XJWMPU-600 Double side steel polyurethane foaming sandwich panel production line is made up of main compound machine, up and down roll forming machine, PU high pressure injection machine, automatic-tracking cutting machine. The PU raw material liquid state inject into between up and down steel. And then foaming by PVC belt conveyor compound machine. At last cutting by automatic track cutting machine. Machine line from uncoiler, feeding material, products finished control by PLC. The whole units synchronized good, simple structure, easy to operation, low costly and high utilization. It is the first choice for building materials industries.
2 Main Technical Parameters:
Work process of production line
 Loading Coil---Auto decoiler---Embossing---Punching shape---Double layer steel sheets feed in—roll forming ---roller feeding--steel warmed up---froth—machine composite compound--- roller feeding---cutting after forming---Roller feeding out products---manual bale
     (1). Production type: Automatic continuous making
     (2). Material spec: thickness 0.30-0.6mm, ≤G250 color steel sheet, aluminum.
     (3). Production width: (400~600) mm can be adjustable
     (4). Material of compound panel: double layer are metal sheet
     (5).Main motor power: ≥20.5kw
     (6).Main power: 128kw, pressure: 380V, 50HZ
     (7). Structure of forming machine: up layer forming machine and down layer forming machine will run with composite machine together to become sandwich.
     (8). Structure of composite machine: Adopt left and right two sides rubber conveyer belt orientation.
     (9). Foaming system: Adopt Auto Continuum froth, the foaming is limited.
     (10). Foaming Thickness: 40mm
     (11). Working speed: 3-5m/min (According to thickness 40mm)
     (12). Control System: PLC
     (13). Length precision: length permissible errors ±1.5 mm
     (14). Machine Weight: about 30000kg
     (15). Machine Length: about 85000mm

3. Profile Drawing

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QQ: 1161434821

Phone: +86 13955573948

Tel: +86 13955573948

Email: 1161434821

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